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Big cats killing cows

Giant Marsupial Lion bones found

New species found in city park

Scientists uncover crested pterosaur

Scientists find oldest placental mammal fossil

1.2bn-y-o lifeforms found in WA

Species under Threat

French scoff at bid to clone Tassie tiger

New species of possum discovered

Savvy Chinese dinosaur hints at link to birds

Supercolony of ants found

Chameleon's ocean crossing baffles biologists

Remains of Tasmanian tiger found on Eyre Peninsula

Ancient mammals surface at dig

Chinese frog discovery sheds light on amphibians' evolution

25 million-year-old Marsupial Lion Skull found in Qld

Giant Australian Dinosaur Fossil found

Fossilised Tasmanian Tiger found in South Australia

Aussie beasts a pre-history mystery

Certain Female Lizards Choose Sex of Offspring

Insect defies nature

Remains of giant prehistoric amphibians found in Egypt

Threat to rare wildlife

Poo clues used in new Tassie Tiger hunt

Fate of Giants becomes hot topic





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