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Midyear Feast  Indaba   July 2005

"AMAZING"  Indaba  June 2005

"Update"     Indaba April 2005

"By The Waters"   Indaba March 2005

"Mystery"  Indaba February 2005

"Rebirth" New Year Indaba January 2005

"Chat in the Park"   Indaba November 2004

"Rock Pools"    Indaba October 2004

"Tinnanbar"    Indaba  September 2004

"Up with the Eagles"   Indaba July 2004

The Mountain Top Indaba June 2004

The "Women's Business Indaba  May 2004

The "Dream Interpretation" Indaba  April 2004

The "Psychic Phenomenon" Indaba  March 2004

The "Up The Creek" Indaba  February 2004

The "Festive Season" Indaba  Buderim December 2003

The "Open Forum" Indaba  Cooran November 2003

The Greatest Indaba  October 2003

"On A Mountan Top" Indaba  Mt Wolvi September 2003

"Spiritual / Healing" Indaba  Mt Tinbeewah August 2003

The "Non-Event"   Indaba  Brooyar July 2003

The "Gympie Birthing Pools"  Indaba  June 2003

The "Magical Mountain" Indaba  Pomona May 2003

The "Mind your Mind" Indaba  Gympie April 2003

The Old and New Indaba   Gympie March 2003

The Wolf Clan "Welcome to 2003" Indaba  Tuchekoi February 2003

The "END OF YEAR" Indaba  Imbil  December 2002

The Round Table Indaba  Pomona November 2002

The UFO Indaba   Norman Point   6th October 2002

The Rites of Spring - Indaba    Mt Tinbeewah 1st September 2002

Majestic in the Park - Indaba  Pomona 4th August 2002

"In Remembrance -   A Spiritual Experience"  Indaba 7th July 2002

"Getting Back to the Wonders of Nature"  Indaba Lake Poona 2nd June 2002

"Cruisin' the Straits"   Indaba  Tin Can Bay  6th May 2002

The "Spider Learning"   Indaba   Mothar Mtn 7th April 2002

The  a 'maze' ing Indaba   Bellingham Maze  3rd March 2002

Welcome to 2002 Indaba     Borumba Dam   3rd February 2002

The Festive Stargazer Indaba    Camp Cooroora  1&2 December 2001

The Stargate Indaba:  Mothar Mtn  4th November 2001

The Yowie Indaba:  Near Kenilworth  14th October 2001

The Tree Circle Indaba: Miva  2nd September 2001

The Round Table Indaba: Camp Cooroora   5th August 2001

Re-discovering Ancient Spiritual Places:  Mt Wolvi   27th May 2001

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