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About the Dhamurian Society


The Dhamurian Society was formed as
a Resource Society for Shared Knowledge and Understandings of Ancient Cultural Concepts and Mysticisms, Lifestyles, Modern Teachings and Crafts; Research into Unexplained Phenomenon; and the Documentation of Australia's Unrecognised Ancient Histories, Seafaring and Land Mythologies, Historical Sites and Relics.
The Motto of the Society is:   

D = Dedication through Loyalty
H = Honesty through Truth
A = Accomplishment through Mastery
M = Morality through Sincerity
U = Understanding through Knowledge
R = Research through Sharing
I = Idealism through Unity
A = Achievement through persistence
N = Nurturing through Determination

Aims, Objectives and Purposes of the Society:

1. To establish an informative data based resource society for the shared knowledge, teachings, and understandings of ancient cultural concepts, mysticisms, lifestyles, modern teachings and crafts.
2. To establish an informative data based resource society for the recording, investigative, photographic and documentative research into unexplained phenomenon and wildlife, astrological and earthly events.
3. To establish an informative data based resource society for the mythological, photographic, and documentative research evidences into Australia's unrecognised ancient histories, seafaring discoverers and other visitors of influence; the origins and purpose of such activities; and restoration and/or preservation of historical sites and relics pertaining to such discoveries.
4. To establish a universal spiritual atmosphere of good relationships by promoting non-political, non-racial, non-sectarian, non-religious harmony through friendly interchanges of social, educational, and communal activities of mutual benefit to both members and the Society.
5. To establish a complex of facilities that will preserve the educational resources of the Society; benefit the members and the community as a whole; and to create opportunities for tourism ventures for the dissemination of information.

The name "Dhamurian" comes from the Aboriginal word for parts of the "Mary River Area" around Gympie, Queensland. The greater area  was known as "DHAMURI" to the original occupants, the KABI , and has been corrupted by the current occupants to a small area known as "Tamaree"......  

This was a land of myths and legends, even to the k'abi  aboriginals, and the desire for the decryption and  understanding of these, led to to the formation of the society. 

Our interests have broadened to cover the range of topics that we research today, and we are still open to new topics, and the views of members, their friends, and those who view this web site.

"Absolute Truth can never be corrupted"



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