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A Resource Society for Shared Knowledge and Understandings of
Ancient Cultural Concepts and Mysticisms, Lifestyles, Modern Teachings and Crafts;
Research into Unexplained Phenomenon; and the Documentation of Australia's Unrecognised Ancient Histories, Seafaring and Land Mythologies, Historical Sites and Relics.

Welcome to The Dhamurian Society

The Dhamurian Society  is a non-profit organisation for the sharing of information on a variety of subjects.

Check out some of the "news" items we collect in the  INFO pages

"The Info" pages are continually being updated, so please come back often.

If you are into Treks, Gatherings, or just a good read, have a look at the INDABA pages

Please feel free to peruse the site, make suggestions, or submit info to aid in our research, or to request info to aid in your research.

If your group or oganisation has an event coming up, please advise us and we will include it on our
Events Page

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